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Argentina Star Lionel Messi

Argentina star Lionel Messi says he with the World Cup Football Shirt does not need to obtain for himself, "Golden Globe" provides no reason, because he not only did not steal, do not rush. He also said that he and his Barcelona teammates, "Golden Globe" between rival Andres Iniesta and Xavi good relations with each other without any jealousy. "We have no envy and jealousy; we each are part of Barcelona dressing room. We are not only teammates, friends or life." Messi told "France Football" magazine interview. Messi said he did not expect the final award is his, because the media and fans that won the World Cup of Xavi and Iniesta is the biggest favorite. But he also pointed out that his performance this year is also worthy of "Golden Globe" award. "Harvey, in his position is the world's best, Iniesta same is true." Messi praised. He then explained why he did not embrace the awards ceremony, the two teammates, because when he heard his name, a blank mind, there is no reaction from his own award. Speaking of his opponent in the Real Madrid, the Portuguese C Ronaldo, Messi who is with the Football National Teams did not call it "the best player on that position," but that the latter is a good talented players.

Barcelona's outstanding performance on and exciting football, Messi believes that behind the seemingly relaxed style of play, Barcelona coaches and players paid a huge effort. He said: "Whenever we go wrong, even if only a little bit of small errors, Guardiola will be corrected, he will not miss any detail. In addition, our style of play and require all players to focus, in addition to good organization and discipline. “When it comes to money issues, the second consecutive year won the "Golden Globe" Messi in the Argentina Football Shirts said the high income does not change his behavior, he is not concerned about their own bank accounts.”I do not like to talk about money. I know that their income is high, but I do not frequently check my account. My father and my lawyer will help me take care of this endeavor. My greatest joy is to play." Messi said.
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On their own preferences, Messi admitted that he occasionally nap in front of the television children; In addition, he like to see fellow and pull the film starring; in a free when he and fellow Milito, Javier Mascherano, and his teammates do Pinto family barbecue.
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But Messi's life is not always so simple. He was born poor, the care of his family and friends, accompanied spent a happy childhood until his exile came to Barcelona. "I do not always easy, when I first came to Barcelona, when I find it difficult to adapt to life here, but I came a step by step. So I have nothing to complain about life, and along the way like a dream. "Messi said.
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Lionel Messi of Barcelona's love is permanent, he said he would have been effective in Barcelona, and the temptation that might come from Real Madrid, Messi with the Boca Juniors Shirt answered: "I would rather retire do not choose to join Real Madrid, Real Madrid can not happen But I always retired. "

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