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American Veterans Flag. 5% of Profit Goes to Help Disabled Veterans. Made in America.

I was trying to find a special flag to show my pride in America, and I found this US Veterans flag on Amazon! It represents all the branches of the United States armed forces. It's fantastic to fly in the summer, and specifically for Veteran's Day, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Flag Day. I was so happy to come across something so unique and inexpensive. The best part about it is that it is 100% made in America. That's important to me because most US flags are made in China. Can you believe that?

I was happy to buy this US Veterans Flag on Amazon because I get fast and complimentary shipping being an Amazon Prime Member. (There is also complimentary shipping if your order is at least $35.00). I love Amazon's money back guarantee because I can feel safe making purchases. When I found the flag, I knew I had to have it simply based on the way that it looks, however another cool thing is that the company who sells the flags, Supreme Flags, contributes 5 % of their profit to Disabled Veterans! I am really amazed with that.

The flag itself is 3' x 5' and it's made from Poly Cotton. It's just printed on one side, however it still looks great from all directions. It's lightweight, so it waves well in the breeze. All my neighbors keep asking me where they can get a flag like mine. (I almost didn't want to tell them, but I decided to share the information because it helps American workers and American Veterans. Initially, I wanted be the only one in my neighborhood to have this flag!) I also ordered an US Flag from this company, and it is a great quality also. (The American flag is printed on both sides.).

I'm really amazed with this flag and the company I completely encourage you to click the link below to buy yours, so you can check out this unique flag for yourself. Everyone will want to know where you got it, your home or company will look amazing, and you can feel great about your purchase!

Do you know that most US Flags are NOT made in America? Supreme Flags are 100% made in the United States. They are sewn in America by Americans. With your purchase, you are supporting American workers and Disabled American Veterans. What could be better? Fly Your Veterans Flag with American pride!

5 % of the profit goes to help Handicapped American Veterans. Love America and help our Veterinarians with purchase of this stunning flag.

This flag was created by an American Veteran in order to honor all branches of the military. This is a very unique flag that you can be proud of.

3 feet by 5 feet flag. Brilliant, dynamic colors. It is printed on one side, however looks great from all directions. This is a long lasting however lightweight flag, so it flows beautifully in even the lightest wind.

Two rust proof brass grommets and fully hemmed edges.

Proudly fly your American made Veterans Flag with confidence. You will be the envy of your pals and neighbors with this unique flag!

Backed by our Money Back Guarantee.

Veteran Flag

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