Ballast Load

help figure out why our fluorescent lights keep failing please!?

ok, we've got 11 sconce lights. Each one has one little 26 watt fluorescent lamp. They're all on the same circuit. Controlling that circuit we've got two motion sensors connected to a BZ-50 powerpack by Wattstopper. That switch claims to be good for 20 amps of ballast load.

This all seems like it should be working fine but the lights never turn on right. We've replaced all the ballasts once recently and the lights worked great for a month or two. Now they're back to flickering on or not coming on, and burning out very quickly as well.

I figure the ballasts are failing due to a low voltage/high amperage situation but can't figure out why that's happening. Any guesses out there?

your over loading the ballast,
too much on the circuit
take the motion lights off of it,
and the BZ power pack

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