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I want to have tools for snowboarding what should do I need?

I mean I want to have tools for snowboarding what tools do I need?

what kind of tools? like for tune ups?

my set of tools includes:

dakine edger, bout 8 bucks at your local shop. use it to file your edges to keep em nice and sharp. dont sharpen if your a park rat though, sharp edges on a soft rail could result in hang ups and some wicked falls

bricks of wax, bout 4 bucks each. warm, cold, and all temp waxes. heat it up and spread it around and DAMN will your ride be quicker

iron, what like 7 bucks at goodwill? f*ck that 60 dollar iron burton sells. any old iron will do, and despite what your mom thinks, it will not ruin her iron if you use it. now hold that sucker hot over your board and press a selected hunk of wax to it. get some drips going and once youve got a nice polkadot pattern, iron them so they bleed together. dont iron the tail or the nose though, they dont need it. unless its kindof heavy snow you may want a little wax creeping up the nose a bit. let it dry, then use the next tool in the box

buffer - just steal one, theyre like a jk but u do need it, after your wax is dry go over it with a little buffer and smooth it all out. u dont ahve to buy one, just use the backside of a spounge, u know the rough side?

rub on wax - like 6 bucks, get it. on the really warm spring days your hotwax job will dissapear by 11. so youll need to apply some more. flip your board over, rest the nose on the bumper of your car, and rub from nose to tail until covered (but don do the nose or the tail, thats unnecesary)

scraper. yea youll need one of these. they can be 3-10 bucks, theyre for scraping off exess wax after a use. go ride, then the nest time your ready to hit the slopes scrap off that old gunk from last time and do a hotwax job. careful not to scrap too much or soon youll be takin p-tex off the base.

and last but CERTAINLY not least, my 686 tool belt. its just like a normal ass belt, but the little peg on the buckle is a phillips head screwdriver, the bucle itself has a bottle opener, and theres a little attatchment by the buckle that has 3 wrnch heads on it. that thing has saved my ass so many times after stomping some huge trick and knocking a binding loose. theyre like 50 bucks, but worth every friggin penny.

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