Brush Land

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buying land, need advice?

What are precautions to look at when buying land? There is zoning, liens, etc. I have never bought property before and am looking at some. I am looking at 40 acres in Southern Colorado for only $8,900. The reason it is so cheap because it is brush land, but that is fine with me because I will clear those bushes out with a tractor in a one acre sector for watering.

I am looking to get a well permit for 35 acres or more to where I can have one acre of watering for gardening.

I realize taxes could be about $150 a year unless I get agricultural permit and put a horse on the land.

Also, how much does closing cost involving the title search, lien search, etc.?

Thank you for your help!

Look for previous ownership issues--easements, variances.

You need a good title search done.

Also, were rights sold to the land for others to use?

Can the land accommodate your plans? Does the ground have too much rock for building a home, etc?

What problems have existed on that land or in the area?

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