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How do I pull a reverse 180 and drive backwards like in the movies?

Okay, I’m sure you’ve seen this stunt tons of times in the movies. Somebody’s fleeing or racing a bad guy in a car chase, and then suddenly they slam on the brakes and turn the car around 180 degrees so that they are now facing the car behind them. They will then proceed to insult or shoot at the pursuer while driving backwards before spinning back around to face forward again. You can see this maneuver in movies like 2Fast2Furious, Cars, Tokyo Drift, Mr and Mrs Smith, Cobra, Die Hard With A Vengeance, BMW’s The Hire ‘Hostage’ film and the Professional. It’s the automobile equivalent of Top Gun’s inverted plane taunting. Does anybody know how to do this stunt, or even if it’s possible? I find it amazing that they can still outrun the chaser while in reverse with little loss in speed…

It is possible to do this, but if you value your life, and your car, i wouldn't even think about attempting this.

A few things that might happen if you do.
1, You will roll your car.
2, You will crash your car into a wall, a person, a tree, another car etc.
3, Even if you get the 180 turn done, you will blow the clutch trying to get it into reverse.
4, If you manage to pull of the 180, and get it into reverse, you will cook your engine by pushing it to hard in a gear no designed for speed.
5, You will get arrested for dangersous driving, and get banned from driving.
6, You will look like a complete fool infront of any friends watching, because you will get it wrong about 10 times before you even pull off the 180 turn.

There are plenty more reasons not to try this, but the ones listed above, and common sense should tell you it's not a very sensible thing to try and do. Besides anything, even though you see it in the movies, normal cars are not designed to perform that kind of maneuver, the reverse gear is not meant to be used for long, and works like first gear, it has the most torque, as it is designed to get the car moving initially, including starting on a hill/incline, reverse therefor has to have similar torque to move the car backwards from a stopped position, including hills, but if you try to do over 30mph in either first or reverse gears you will be putting a massive strain on the engine, and it wont be long before it overheats, and does permanant damage to it.

The scene in 2Fast2Furious where Brian does a 180 then slams into reverse and can not only keep up with freeway traffic is complete nonsense, even in the fastest Lancer Evo, that simply is not possible, if we estimate that the car was travelling at speeds of over 50mph, the engine wouldn't even last 10 seconds before dying.

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