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Building a Desktop Gaming Computer, I need your help!?

Hey, so my birthday is in september and I wanna build a gaming computer.
My price range is anything up to £400!
And I need to know what to get:
Graphics card
Everything I need for a running computer, and what models of everything.
I wanna use the website
It has loads of stuff there!
I need to know literally everything I need to get!
Thanks, add me on Skype if you can tell me in more detail and are available to help me :) - Benfuckkk is my skype name.

damn thats a low budget,to build a new computer from top to bottom u need

a cpu
a gpu (graphics card/ video card)
a psu (usually needed by the graphics card)
a ram (grammatically in correct :P )
a chasis/case/cabinet
a optical/ cd dvd drive
a keyboard and mouse
a monitor
a mother board
a hard drive
a ups

i severely doubt all these will come in 400. unless u are just upgrading in which case its ok.

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