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Help with information about World of Products catalog sales?

I want to start selling the products from World of Products but I can't seem to find the actual website.

I want to know if there are any fees associated with joining and I am not to sure about having to share my SSN for sign up.

If you sell for World of Products or know any information I might need, please share!

Thanks in advance.

Usually to sell products for an online business you only need an affiliate link & nothing to do with your SSN. They need an address to send the chques or an online account like Papal to pay you.Not being able to find their web site is not a good sign. If your concerned as you should be check them out with the BBB. If the Better Business Burial.don't have anything get them to refer you to another place that checks out phisher sites. Better to be safe than give not only info but money to. Like I say usually you only need a link and they provide you with everything you need to make them money and you as well.

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