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How to Get Sierra Souvenir Aficionado in FNV Dead Money

When you beat
Fallout New Vegas Dead Money
, you may get several achievement/trophy. Different Dead Money achievement has different requirements. For example, getting Safety Deposit Box Achievement requires you to
trap Father Elijah
. To get Sierra Souvenir Aficionado, you need to collect 500
Sierra Madre Chips
all through the game.

Get Sierra Souvenir Aficionado in FNV Dead Money Tip 1

The Sierra Madre Chips look like gold coins. The Sierra Souvenir Aficionado achievement is cumulative. Which means if you once collected 500 Sierra Madre Chips, you will get this achievement at the end of the DLC.

Get Sierra Souvenir Aficionado in FNV Dead Money Tip 2

You can get Sierra Madre Chips in these ways: (You may find them lying around.)

1. Check
Cash Registrars

2. They appear on the ground and in fountains scattered outside the casino.

3. Inside the casino, check suitcases, cupboards, dressers, etc for more.

4. You can sell cartons of cigarettes to the
vending machines
found through out the DLC that will give you chips in return.

5. Once the power is restored in the Casino,
is made available where chips can be won.

If you learn the above ways, you should not fear the 500 coin achievement. It's quite easy. Beat the Fallout New Vegas Dead Money and get
Sierra Souvenir Aficionado

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