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Google Chrome 3 reviews and downloads

Using Google Chrome 3 will take you much more convenience.New tab page let you see useful links when you open a new tab. Addressbar allows you quickly stop loading the page in Google Chrome by clickthe x icon, when you type in the wrong address. Applications Shortcutoffers you to create applications shortcuts for those websites you likefor easy access. The download size is about 557KB. The installationfile is quite clean, there is no malicious ware bundled with it.Installation is quite quick and easy. It can be uninstall easily withone click. This software could support with most popular Windows OSincluding Windows 7, XP, Vista. It is unnecessary to worry aboutwhether Google Chrome is competiable with your system. This new version notes list 16 changes to Google Chrome 2 which hasbeen released about two weeks ago. The most notable changes aremultiple crash fixes, support for the video tag and fixes to userinterface elements drawing improperly on the screen. This web browser will update existing Google Chrome installations on the system to the latest beta 3 version of it. Try it at once.

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