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Blue French Bulldog puppies come to The America

The Blue French Bulldog is compact, sturdy, and heavily boned. He is short and cobby, with a small to medium build. The height at the withers, should be approximately the same as the length from withers to tail-set. Massive chest, with tapering hindquarters.
Blue French Bulldogs
have large, rounded bat-like ears, square flat heads with a slightly domed forehead, large rounded eyes, and flat muzzle. French Bulldogs are a smooth coated breed. The French Bulldog has the appearance of an intelligent, alert, active and curious nature. Frenchies are hardy and robust little busy-bodies. The French Bulldog can have a corkscrew tail or a straight tail. Although bred as a companion , they can also make a good watchdog, and will sound off at any potential sign of danger to their families.

There is much speculation as to the origin of the
Blue French Bulldog
. The most prevalent is that it originates from the miniature bulldog that was brought to France by Nottingham lace workers during the industrial revolution. When the workers of Nottingham moved to France in search of work, they brought their smaller bulldogs with them because they were suited to the cramped living conditions, and were excellent ratters. In the 1860's, the export of miniature bulldogs became so popular, that they practically became extinct in England. They were then thought to have been crossed with a native breed, the Terrier Boule , and eventually giving rise to the French Bulldog. It soon became a star of the working class Parisians society. Its physique, small size, and enchanting personality, soon made this little petite Boule the darling of flat faced breed fanciers. As the new smaller breed bulldog gained in popularity in France, they quickly gained favor with the "ladies of the night". The French Bulldog made its first appearance in the united states in 1896 at the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York. In England, the French Bulldog Club was formed in 1902.

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