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Cleaning/organizing room tips plz!?

I need to clean my room + I need tips! I've got all my beauty items in a clutter pile basically, a laundry basket for my clothes and school papers scattered all over the place. plz help!!! any tips apprieciated

Go through your closet and dresser, any clothes that are faded, torn, don't fit or wear donate or throw away.

When folding and putting the clothes you want to keep in your dresser, put socks and undies in the top drawer, shirts in the next, jeans in the next and sweaters in the bottom.
Hang clothes the same way, shirts, then slacks, then dresses, jackets...

If you have a lot of clothes pack away winter clothes in plastic bins or boxes and slide under your bed or store in the back of your closet and when the cold weather comes switch and pack away summer clothes. If you don't have a lot, hang clothes for winter and what you only wear occasionally to the back of your closet.

You could keep your beauty items organzied in baskets.

A shoe caddy you hang on your closet rod or a tower or tiered shelf stand you put on the floor of your closet.
(don't get the over the door kind)

On your desk use a jar or glass for pens/pencils and markers, stack game disks/dvd's if you have many get a small storage or tower.
Throw away scrap paper and store papers you want to keep in a plastic bin/box or inexpensive file storage or ottoman.

Make sure you have a wastebasket and hamper.

We all have bad habits, leave things lay, flip our shoes off, throw clothes over a chair or on our bed/floor, leave clean clothes in the laundry basket...
To keep your room clean and neat get in the habit of doing things right way.
When you're done using something put it away.
Throw away paper, snack bags and bring dishes to the kitchen.
Put dirty clothes in your hamper right when you take them off.
Fold and hang clean clothes fresh out of the dryer, no wrinkles and no more searching for clothes.
Then there's no cleaning except vacuum and dust when it needs it.
You'll love walking into your room all neat, organized and clutter free.
It may also help if you arrange your room in separate areas.

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