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Uses and Benefits of Coal & Coke-About Waste Heat Recovery

Coal is basically a combustible sedimentary rock which is mainly black or brownish-black in color. It is a form of coal, which is mainly a sedimentary rock present in layers or strata that the fuel coke can be produced. Both Coal & Coke are purely of flammable nature though the former is found in the natural form; coke can be derived only with the help of some human intervention. Coke is actually a form of solid carbon which can be produced only with the help of some human intervention. It is mainly derived through the process of distillation. This involves the destruction of two forms of coal one low-ash and other low-sulfur bituminous coal.

Petroleum is the liquid form of coke. Both Coal & Coke are opposite in nature because coke is more grey in color and has a hard, porous texture, coal is more of black in color. When it comes to examples of two forms of carbon Coal & Coke can be cited as instance. Coal is mostly found in the layers of rock better known as coal beds or coal seams. The main constituents which form such coal are carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and other elements like oxygen and nitrogen. The different layers of coal can be formed with the help of plant matter collection and accumulation which needs to be stopped from getting degraded or oxidized naturally.

If we talk of utility then both Coal & Coke can be termed as two types of carbon. While coal is formed naturally with the help of geological change taking place in the natural and physical property of plants thereby turning it into a solid form or structure, coke is derived through a man-made process. Coal & Coke is also used to generate electricity. Coal alone is a fossil fuel which we can get and extract from the ground through mining or shaft mining within the seam layers or open pits. Coke is can also formed naturally if it gets merged during any volcanic eruption.

Waste heat on the other hand is usually generated through the process of fuel combustion or chemical reaction taking place. It is dumped into the natural environment and can be later recycled for a lucrative and useful purpose. It is the quality of heat that matters here and not the value because Waste Heat Recovery depends a lot on the temperature

of the waste heat gases produced. The uses and benefits of Waste Heat Recovery can again be divided into two broad categories like Direct Benefits and Indirect Benefits. Waste Heat Recovery can take place only when there is a change in the temperature.

Waste gases coming out of industrial furnace and kiln can be used in the process of Waste Heat Recovery. Waste Heat Recovery can be produced with the help of reduction in consumption, cost and price of utility products. Lesser pollution level can decrease the size of the equipment and other source of reduced energy consumption. The fewer the amount of toxic level in the atmosphere and other types of poisonous gases that are present in the environment, the lesser would be the requirement of such recovery process.

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