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Are there non-holofoil versions of base set pokemon holofoils?

I'm trying to use some collection software I have to document which ones I have and which ones I need. I notice it doesn't have non-holo versions of base set cards such as Alakazam or Charizard in the database.

Is there such a thing as a non-holo version?
If not, does this apply to other sets as well?

for the base series which had charizard there are 16 holos and there are non non-holo versions. For the fossil and Jungle sets there were 16 holos and then duplicate non-holo versions of the cards which made up a set but only in the Fossil and Jungle series. For example card number 3/64 in the jungle series is a holo flareon and card number 19/64 is a non-holo flareon, you need both of them to complete your jungle set. hope i helped.

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