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Convert virtually any front panel call point into a GSM intercom using the new gsm-secure system.

The GSM-1000 is a complete GSM Interface that enables you to connect most standard audio front panel to the input terminals of the unit and convert it to a GSM-Intercom and control system.

The GSM-1000 uses a simple 4 wire connection from the call point to the GSM Controller and configured for very simple installation.

Unlike most Hybrids the GSM-1000 comes as a complete system within its own IP65 enclosure and can be mounted externally and includes its own internal power supply that will accept 110/240 volts and is a true plug and play system.

No more interconnecting conversion kits and adding power supplies seperatly as the GSM-100 has it all built in and ready to go.

The microphone and speaker have their own separate adjustable controls to allow the optimum balance of speaker impedance to maximise on the quality of voice.

The GSM-1000 has 2 output relays with 10 amp switching capacity using normally open and closed contacts controlled via simple prompts on the Mobile or Landline handset.

The GSM-1000 has the option of caler ID up to 1000 users

The system also has 2 inputs which can be configured to send up to 20 outgoing pre-programmed alarm messages.

The system allows the control of Relay 1 and Relay 2 using unique interchange modes by up to 1000 authorised Mobile or Landline numbers using Caller ID.

The system also has battery back-up with built in power down and power restored alarm facility.

The GSM-1000 call up to 3 outgoing telephone numbers and the system can be programmed to change the number of rings prior to calling the next number and it is also possible to adjust the actual talk time to prevent the network holding the call and costing excessive call costs.

The GSM-1000 has been exclusively designed and built for GSM-Intercoms Limited to provide a reliable and low cost solution to providing a GSM Intercom system using various Call Points of the Customers choice.

GSM-INTERCOMS LIMTED wil alsso offer a choice of thier own stainless steel Call-Points

GSM-Intercoms Limited expects the Interface to be offered to the trade from circa £89.00 which would be the guaranteed lowest cost Interface in Europe.

It is well known that most GSM-INTERCOM SYSTEMS are very expensive and GSM-INTERCOMS LIMITED will be able to offer a system that will be comparable with a standard Audio system!

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