Decidious Trees

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How Big Of A Cage Do I Need For 4 Budgies?

I Have Three Budgies,Two Male and One Female,I Am Looking At Adding Another Female,is a cage 80cm high by 55cm wide by 30cm okay.

It is a little too small for my liking. For temporary purposes it is ok BUT ONLY TEMPORARY. The height is good and the width is good but the depth is narrow. Make sure there are plenty of things to climb on yet allow some areas to be open enough to allow for wings to be spread and flapped.

Natural branches are a good choice. Use decidious tree branches THAT HAVE NOT BEEN SPRAYED WITH PESTICIDES OR HERBICIDES. Bake the branches in an oven under close supervision at 500F for five minutes. This ensures that the brach is sterile and free from bugs, fungus, etc.

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