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DIY Halloween Costumes

Two hundred years back if there was people from Halloween's night they would likely be Scottish going from door-to-door singing and begging for drink and food. Most others could be huddled playing fortune winning contests and telling ghost stories. Costumes were not really a big thing before 1920s when it first was a holiday for youngsters.

The earliest children's Halloween outfits were the original little pixies. Ghosts were made from sheets and pillow case covers. Then Burglar and Red Indian costumes appeared within the 1920 followed within the 30's by tramp costumes, undoubtedly inspired through the great depression. It was not until the 1950's after the wars had ended how the entertainment industry got started in children's costumes. So now you started to determine characters like Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell appearing in shop windows. It became so established for youngsters that you would rarely see an adult in a costume with out a child.

It's that period of year again, when children's thoughts turn to ghosts and ghoulies and candy... and costumes! For folks, it can be a little stress inducing - we want our children to offer the wonderful Halloween celebrations that people remember from my own childhoods. But everything has changed nowadays. Trick or treating just isn't as safe because it was in our day, back when everyone in the neighborhood knew everyone else. Also, so many of us are working on extra tight budgets, we may not have the money to splurge on that awesome costume our kid is begging for. So how do you come up with a great Do it your own halloween costumes when you have to stay on a financial budget?

Here is one short idea for a head on a platter. Find a box sufficient to fit over your head and body, an old tablecloth and plenty of parsley. Cover the top and side of the box with all the table cloth glue it a number of parts of the therapy lamp so that it does not slide. Now cut a round shape from a large piece of cardboard sufficient for your visit fit through and also on the top glue some parsley along with other food. Now stick your head through so it is the main length of a ghoulish meal.

You will find plenty more Halloween outfits that you can lead to very little money but it's worth investing in some putting on a costume makeup to include the finishing touches in your ghoulish fun.

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