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Cool Electric Hand Warmer Online Video By Enerhandz!

The Enerhandz Handwarmer is a truly handy 3 in 1 device that allows you to warm your hands, can be made use of as a micro led torch or as a mobile phone charger for your phone. Let's see precisely how simple it is to make use of each function.

The means to make use of the Enerhandz hand warmer function is truly simple given that it simply has one button to run it.

Keep the button pushed for 3 seconds to turn on your Hand Warmer. Immediately as it switches on, you will see the amount of battery you have really left. This will be shown by the 3 little blue lights. 3 blue lights indicating absolutely charged, and 1 blue light significance one third of the battery continuing to be.

You will likewise see a red light flashing gradually suggesting the Reusable Hand Warmers is on the LOW setting. At this setting, the hand warmer will warm to 111 degrees Fahrenheit or 44 degrees Celsius. It must begin warming in less than one minute.

To change your Reusable Hand Warmers to HIGH setting simply click the button one much more time. You will immediately see the red light flashing quicker. At this setting the EnerHandz Hand warmer can warm as much as an optimum temperature level of 122 degree Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius.

To turn off the EnerHandz hand warmer, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. You will see the blue lights swiftly flash one time then turn off.

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