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Fees when buying a new motorcycle?

I was close to buying a bike at the dealer today. Here's the breakdown:
bike $7899
tax $ 473.94
fees $ 827.06

Should I have to pay that much for things like freight/delivery, assembly and paperwork? What's your experience?

Fees included in the purchase of a bike are a legitimate charge. However, the amount may vary. Doc fees are pretty well a standard set by dealers for paperwork processing. In California it is 45.00. There is a logistics nightmare anymore of Contracts, Motor Vehicle fees, and Warranty regisration. Freight is a legitimate charge. It is currently from $175.00 to $250.00 for actual freight. Some dealers will charge up to a thousand dollars for freight. This is usually a Harley Davidson store. Basically any thing over 250.00 is extra profit for the dealer. Set up actually cost the dealer about 50-100 depending on the amount of fuel and oil,as well as the factory accessories on the bike. Typically a dealer who is making profit internally from the sales dept. will charge this aginst the profit on the bike. I actually have seen sales people have a negative commision on small dirt bikes. Figure this, if it is a hot selling model, with limited availability, like a 50th Anniversary R-6 Yamaha, they will bring about 500 to 1000 over MSRP, plus full frt. and set up. A less sought after model, over 250 cc, figure about 300.00 over the MSRP for Frt, Set Up, Prep.
You can usually deal about 5% below MSRP, more on last years model, and there will usually be factory discounts, or rebates of 100-300 dollars as well. In some states your frt.and set up and doc fees are taxed as well , same % as the bike. Good Luck...

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