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can any one help me on how to grow triops properly?

i bought this ocean kit (undersea university) and it included how to grow triops.. i just want to know how to grow them so i could at least experience the fun...but the problem is my hatching nutrients,disposable tank, and thermometer sticker thingy got thrown away a LONG TIME ago b/c of my dad -___-'' ... wat i need help on is---

-how can i make my own detritus (hatching nutrients)

-what temperature should the water be (used distilled)

-how to keep the water warm when it gets cold (it said in the book to use something like a gooseneck lamp to keep it warm but i don't think it does that..)

Oh yah.. how long does it take for triops to grow?... ppl said a day and others took longer

We have raised many species of Triops and even had them produce thousands of eggs that we can hatch out any time we want for about the next fifty years. That is how long they are believed to remain in a viable state.

The best source for information is

If you use a goose neck lamp, if you can, you can aim it at the bottom of the tank to warm the bottom layer of sand, and leave it on all the time. That means you need a metal stand for an aquarium so that the tank bottom is available. Heating the room is better. Using a submersible heater is also more logical than buying a goose neck lamp that costs several times as much as an aquarium heater and produces unwanted light at night affecting the phsyiology of the animals.

There are different species and they have different growth rates and hatching times. Most likely you have Triops longicaudatus. You should have hatching within 72 hours. If they hatch earlier still wait for the third day before feeding them.

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