Heritage Series

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Can you tell me if these two top burner valves are the same?

I recently damaged the top burner valve on my stove:

Caloric Heritage Series
Model-No; RLS345-UL
Numbers on Valve: 9640 8838

Unfortunately, the stove is a little old though in perfect working condition and the company (Caloric) was bought and many of it's older lines are no longer supported. I searched online for a replacement and have found what seems to be the same valve at:

They want a lot for the valve at: $72, and they also mention that it's a replacement for part number: 07596400, which I've found on eBay at:

They seem extremely similar and I could ask for specs and dimension from the eBay seller but I wanted to see if I could get some additional information before proceeding.

Thank you very much. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Dennie

The repair clinic one looks slightly different to the ebay one.
Where the gas control stem goes into the body of the valve.

Find Heritage Series On eBay Below:

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