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What is the best way to advertise a construction contractor's website?

I want to put up a web site for my son who is a licensed contractor and want to publicize it to those who might be interested. I don't have any interest at all in spamming or other forms of abusive conduct. Any suggestions about place to post links to the web site would also be appreciated. Thank you very much.

There are lots of free sites (such as Craig's list) where you can get a bit of free advertising. (usually one shot listings.)

Sites that people might search for some of the appliances, building materials, etc. would be good places to advertise, even if it costs a bit to put a link on their page. (I hate pop ups and so do many others, but links on a page to people to do the installation and construction are good to find.) Especially if he does something special.

A good example is the contractor who's building my house. He specializes in rebar reinforced sprayed cement domes. He has listings on the web sites that have bulletin boards and equipment specific to that area of the industry. He has constant inquiries for possible jobs, so I think it works.

Make sure the website is prominent on any signs at his work sites, on his vehicles, etc.

Much business in the construction trade is word of mouth, but having a web site to refer people to gives them something more that can sway them to contract.

I've seen my own website (for my dome house, detailing every step in the construction process) passed from person to person and 3-4 people later my contractor has been called for information about a job they want done.

I list his link on my web site, which is another thing your son can do. Ask anyone with a web site that he does work for to post his link. (Give them a little coded button that can be clicked on their site to go to his.) Many people won't remember his name or phone number when someone asks, but they know their own website URL and can say his link is there. I won't list my URL here as I'm not sure how that falls into this site's policies, but a search for FenixDome will show you what I'm talking about. (It is not a site that sells anything. Just information about our house on a free website server for anyone interested in building one like it for themselves, or just interested in seeing something different.)

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