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help with webpage layout set up, site set up, etc!!!!?

Hi, I am setting up my new sub domain site and need help since I am new at this. Okay, so I have my layout set to go.
- How do I install it?
- Do I upload a file for it or something or paste it in a folder?
- How do I make it so that the layout shows up on all pages?
- If I set up one page, and look at a new page, will all the stuff on my site show up, or just that one page in particular?

about the last question: I made the home page, then made an about the website page. when I went to look at my webpage, I saw that stuff on the home site (links in the navbar) didn't show up on the about page.

also, what do these mean - .html, .php, .index, .text

thanks so much for those who help!
please don't just give me a site with 1321354 tutorials to go read, unless it is really, really helpful.

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Lots of questions!
(1) When you say sub domain, do you already own your own main domain? Or are you talking about a sub domain at one of the free hosting companies like ''?

(2) Depending on your hosting company, you may have to use their upload tool or an FTP program like WS_FTP.

(3) As for Layouts, again it depends what you are doing to make your site. If your hosting company has it's own templates, usually the templates show up accross all pages. If you are creating the website yourself, you'll either need to add all the Layout information on each page or use CSS.

(4) .html - Standard webpage extension for a page consisting of HTML.
.php - Server side scripting. Not all hosting companies give you the ability to create .php pages.
.index - On some hosts, this is the extension of the first HTML page. The most standard one is index.html or index.htm
.text - extension for standard text files.

E-mail me with more information and I'll try and help...

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