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Could you please look into these charts?

idk which one between the charts is useful, but i had them sitting around and never had anyone look into them

neither charts have vertex in it, i only recently read on it and I don't have access to the Linda-Goodman site because i don't think i've been given permission yet to post, sadly :(
our vertex are not within the charts, but I'm the cancer female and he's the aquarius male

My vertex is 8 degrees in Leo 17' 11"
His is in 2 Cancer 51' 56"

we're on and off lovers, and his birth time is estimated but very much correct from what i've read on scorpio rising comparing it to him but my ascendant and TOB is correct

I would highly appreciate it SaggiMC <3

[neither charts have vertex in it] Vertex IS on the bi wheel.also add Juno and POF (part of fortune) look to grid bottom left. Well done for posting the correct chart and grid

"Moon Conjunct Chiron between charts:
The feelings drawn out between these connections are always profoundly bittersweet as they allow the emotional reservoirs their liberation and their healing. The Chiron person becomes a mirror for the inner maternal and emotional wounds of the moon and cleansing is the reward. A bond of empathy and psychic understanding are often strongly in place. Requires awareness and consciousness on both parts as the feelings and emotional centers are keenly open and vulnerable. "
from CHIRON IN SYNASTRY, Astrology content provided by Linda Rankin-Astrology Unlimited.
"Moon square Saturn
This is a difficult and emotionally restrictive comparative combination. The restriction may be a financial one or it may be more of an emotional nature. Career and status ambitions, and resulting responsibilities cause conflict with family and domestic concerns. Saturn may be so wrapped up in career activities as to have no time to devote to the emotional needs of home and family.
Mars square Saturn
This is a difficult aspect for any kind of personal relationship. Saturn has a restraining influence on Mars in this combination. There is apt to be conflict regarding joint financial affairs and behavior in general.
Moon opposed Mercury
This aspect often presents communication problems. Mercury reacts on a rational level while the Moon is tuned in on a more emotional level. Consequently, you find it difficult to understand each other. The Mercury person may seem nagging, over-critical or nit-picking to the Moon person. This combination often shows disagreements over diet, everyday practical affairs, financial expenditures, and domestic and family issues
Moon opposed Jupiter
This comparative combination generally produces genial relationships and a positive attitude toward family affairs. There may be an encouraging of self-indulgent traits or mutual actions that show a lack of wisdom and discrimination. Excessive eating or drinking can be a problem.
Moon opposed Saturn
This is a difficult comparative combination for all kinds of relationships. Often relationships are based on financial reasons or security rather than any degree of affinity, although it certainly does not preclude the latter. This marks a situation in which there may be significant difference in age, maturity, or spiritual development in the partners. The relationship may make one or the other feel pessimistic and fearful. This is a real wet-blanket aspect."

There is a North Node aspect, square to mars and lovely trine to moon aspect

page 52 Nodes aspects in synastry, Lunar Nodes: New concepts by Bernice Prill Grebner

synastry and Nodes. page 72 Nodes aspect in synastry , Creative Step-Parenting: By Gayle Geffner

Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul's Karmic Mission. By Celeste Teal
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