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Motorcycle Enthusiasts Prefer Compression Shirt Long Sleeve

Motorcycle Enthusiasts Prefer Compression Shirt Long Sleeve  April 12, 2014 - Sydney, NSW -- For men who perform heavy duty exercises, are into adventure sports or are passionate about fitness, a base clothing is very important as it helps them in various ways. Having a quality base clothing on your person under the actual work or workout clothing is vital as it enhances the wearer's flexibility and motion, among other things. CompressionZ recently launched a base clothing choice for men-The Compression Shirt Long Sleeve .

The Compression Shirt Long Sleeve Runners is ideal for joggers, CrossFit trainers, athletes, cyclists, tough mudders, Field Sports, Cross Training, gym workouts, hiking, camping trekking, office workers and long distance travellers who are always on the go. Available in attractive colors such as blue, white, black and grey, the stylish looking Compression Shirt Long Sleeve has been created with high performance fabric which has a dual effect; it keeps the wearer warm in cold climates and cool in hotter temperatures.

This new CompressionZ product has been made with Anti Odor and Anti-Itch material so as to keep the wearer dry and comfortable for a long time. T has been structured with 4-Way Stretch technology which helps it stay snugly fit onto the body and retain its original shape even after multiple washes. The proven compression technology that it has been formulated with minimizes injury and helps in quicker muscle recovery as well as better blood circulation. Moreover, the Compression Shirt Long Sleeve has been created using Flat Lock Seams stitching which facilitates flexible mobility without chafing or skin irritation. The Compression Shirt Long Sleeve can now be bought online from Amazon for $29.95.

"Being a runner during the winter I needed a good long sleeve compression shirt to be the base of my clothing. I found this shirt on Amazon and am very happy that I ordered it. I am looking forward to many miles using this shirt as the base," says William Schatz.

CompressionZ is the trusted and preferred choice for compression wear, sleeves and clothing.

The company manufactures its products to suit the modern person seeking an active lifestyle by helping them in recovering faster from exercise and minimizing injuries. It is known to provide the right products that will supplement and complement the lifestyle and needs of people who are runners, athletes or regular office workers.

About CompressionZ

CompressionZ is a company dedicated to giving the best compression wear at an affordable price to people with an active lifestyle



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