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What is wrong with my sister, has she gone mad?

Ok so about 6 months ago my sister out of the blue just completely stopped talking to everyone, including family & friends, just stopped going out, is very aggressive, will not talk or respond to me or my parents that live in the same house.

It is affecting everyone but clearly she is in her own world & does not care how it affects anyone else. This gets to me like you have no idea, it even makes me angry because it affects my moods around the house.

I never get to have any time to myself anymore, I won't bring any of my friends home because of her & her rude abrupt aggressive ways & her stupid way of living even had an effect on my relationship when I was with my girlfriend of 2 years.

She will not respond to anyones help & is fine doing what she is doing every day NOTHING. I just want to move out but jobs are hard to come by where I live, I don't know how much longer I can take this sh*t before I break down :(

Since you say her behaviour (of not talking to anyone) was out of the blue, I assume that there were no severe or lingering issues earlier.

Then, it has to be linked to an event that she has been through.
From what you say, everything else is not very different about her ie eating, physical appearance, sleeping habits, no injury or anything else.

She has probably been through some trauma.
How old is she?

She could have witnessed some traumatic event (on the street / school / somewhere else), or she may have been through some trauma herself.
That is what is playing on her mind and she is not able to get it out.
She does not realize that she is disrupting your activity.
She is simply behind a screen, a shield, thinking about something and that keeps her from being in the real world.
You did say - she is in a world of her own. Yes, that is correct. She is not living in the home mentally. She is elsewhere (at the place or with the person where the trauma happened)

The way to get her out from this is to get her to talk about something that she is willing to talk about. It will take some effort to get her to say anything (from your description of her behaviour)

There are trained people for this (if you can afford it)

Else, you could get a friend or someone who knows her to get her to say something
It could take days (or weeks) to get her to say the first sentence (or word)
Later, it could turn into a deluge and you will need help to handle her emotions.
In any case, you and your family are the only ones she has now, who knows her condition.

Else others will think that this is the way she is (not knowing that she used to speak a lot six months back)

You have to help her to some social interactions which she is comfortable with and that will help her release some emotions (from the event).
She is very very stressed presently.

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