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Yellowstone National Park?

I absolutely love Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park.....the thing is, I've never even been to Wyoming. After doing a state report about Wyoming, I always wanted to learn more! So, if you have been to Yellowstone, I want to know if its a good vacation for my whole family. (The youngest is 10.) Thanks. :)

Yellowstone is a great vacation spot for the family, including a 10 yr old. The road through the park twists and turns, and around each bend is another interesting sight - - one of the nearly 300 waterfalls, a moose, elk, bison, wolf not far from the road, a pond covered with lilly pads, or one of the thousands of thermal pools with steam rising until you arrive at Old Faithful Geyser, that's spectacular. There are 2,000 camping spots or you can stay in town and go back out each day. If you get a chance to go you won't be disappointed.

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