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What are some facts about Romania?

So I'm really interested in Romania, I've only seen some pictures thought and I don't know much about it.
What are some different things about it? Whats the main religions? Economy? What Holidays are mostly celebrated (Like in America, we mainly celebrate like Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.) What's the Culture like? The style of dress?
These are just a few example questions.
Any information would be helpful.

Romania is made up of 3 historical regions: Wallachia, Moldavia and Transilvania and a few smaller ones.

Romania was formed when Wallachia and Moldavia united in 1859 under a guy you can call the founder of our country Alexandru Ioan Cuza(Alexander John Cuza in english).We had our 1st constitution in 1866, in 1877 we achieved independence in a war against the Ottoman Empire, and in 1881 Romania became a constitutional monarchy under a german hohenzolern-sigmarinen prince(which became our king) who took romanian religion culture etc as his own.In 1918 after WW1 ended Translvania and a few other small regions united with the Old Kingdom of Romania.In 1940 we entered WW2 on Germany's side to recover land from Russia(taken a year before), in 1944 the king ousted the Legionnaire Guard and turned against Germany; in 1947 communists took power in rigged elections and forced the last king to abdicate; they had power until 1989 when the Revolution broke out and we shot our dear Presidential couple(his wife was worse than him actually).
Restoring democracy was a bumpy road, and still is but hopefully we'll get there.

Our ethnic groups are: romanians 89-90%, hungarians 5-7%, gypsies 2-5%, germans/serbs/ukrainians/russians/etc x%.

Religions: christian-99.5% of which 85-90% are orthodox christian, the rest are catholic,protestant etc; muslim-0.3%.
Major holidays:Easter,Christmas, Saint days:St.Michael/Gabriel, St. Mary and other typical religious holidays. National holiday: 1st of December. Name days=saint days.
We have no thanksgiving, halloween, valentines day etc in our culture but considering the influence of the US we do kinda celebrate to some degree one or another of them, especially Valentines day.

Our economy has boomed for about 10years until 2009 and after the recent downturn started to pick up again.We trade mainly with European nations where 70% of our exports go.Main exports are raw materials, petrol/gas and derivates, minerals, heavy machinery, chemicals, automobiles, parts, textiles, and in recent years IT etc.

The culture is unique in that is a blend of archaic up to modern elements and of different influences(central/eastern european) and ofcourse of different influences of empires who bordered or controlled us over the ages:roman,slavic,turkish,austro-hungarian.
To understand us you have to understand who our ancestors were; we evolved as a nation by the fusion of dacian and roman cultures(101-273AD); after that countless other tribes settled in this territory:goths,bulgars,pechenegs,carpi,etc and in time the proto-romanian language/culture formed(6th-10th century AD). We are not just daco-romans, that was only the first layer and the one that defines the underlying culture as being latin; features/traits were added with the addition of new peoples both to culture but also to religion,language,ethnicity,social environment etc.

Today,walking different parts of Romania you might find villages where 3000years old pagan songs/dances are still performed(Ex:Paparuda pagan rain ritual), clothing from the time of the dacians is still weaved and worn(Ex:Maramures region), roman-greek ruins and legacy(Tropaeum Traiani or Castrum or Napocenses or Tomis or Callatis or Histria), feudal-medieval fortresses/castles/homes/fortified churches(Hunedoara Castle, Rasnov fortress, Bran Castle, Banffy Castle, The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina, The Wooden Churches of Maramures, Sighisoara Citadel etc),Gothic/Baroque/Rennaissance/Romantic/Classic/Contemporary period buildings of all shapes and in all conditions, from reconditioned to derelict.

Virtually everyone dresses in western style with your jeans and t-shirts and everything else you see on your streets back home...except if you're talking about a more traditional and ethnographic region like Maramures or Bucovina where finding people dressed as their ancestors is not uncommon.
Every region has a specific attire from times immemorial but those aren't worn in day to day life, only in festivals/events and if one wants to wear it.

Romania is 33% mountains, 33% hills and 33% plains all pure gorgeousness.Lots of natural parks, diverse fauna, lotsa plants; NATURE is our MAIN ATTRACTION when talking about turism.

Other than that: we're warm to outsiders, hotblooded, unconfruntational for the most part, tolerant of alot of things.
One thing I've read from an american who lives here and I've noticed too is the concept of "Us" and "The rest".When you meet a romanian guy/girl or even a group you're part of "the rest", don't expect to be friends right away or share histerical laughs or even intimate stories, you gotta somehow enter the "Us" group usually through trust and true friendship.We also don't like shallow,brag alot,show off people.Modesty is always preffered.There are more prolly but this was a long post already and you can ask/discover the rest on your own.

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