Maplewood Passenger

I am looking for 2 cars for my lionel train set. 2421 and 2429. Passenger cars that say Maplewood and Livings?

say Maplewood and Livingston on them. Willing to pay $50.00 each if they are in good condition. Don't hose me on the shipping. Any takers.

Have found 4 passenger cars from this 50's
set on Ebay at a current bid of 64 dollars
with the 2 passenger cars included in the set ...

2421 seperate...


These 2 passenger cars are
estimated a collector's item

listed here ...


Best bet would be to get
the first link with all 4 ...
then to have them restored

even the box can
be reproduced ...

You are not going to find
these cars any cheaper -
especially amongst train
collectors who know the value


Bumble smilez**


Find Maplewood Passenger On eBay Below:

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