Mixed Lot

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Where can I find a diverse mixed lot of synthetic wigs used or not?

I have looked all over cragslist, ebay, and the general google search and i'm about to blow my brains... ughhh... I just got back from Asia and i'm about to hit the road again for my 2012 modeling tour and i need a new stock of wigs. HELP!!!

Hello there,

I'm not a model, so I'm not sure exactly what a model needs in terms of wigs. However! My Aunt needs to wear wigs, and I remember when I mentioned your question to her, that she said the place she gets her custom made wigs also offers stock wigs. Again, I'm not sure if this information will be exactly what you are looking for, but since I didn't see any other answers I thought it might be at least a bit of help. I'll put the URL in the source box just in case you were interested.

Hope this helps!

Find Mixed Lot On eBay Below:

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