Motor Controller

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Information About The Best of Arcus Technology

We are Arcus Technology, well known as a trusted supplier of high-quality products that will surely complement the rising technological devices of today. We do every creation in such a way that you will only get the best functioning of these devices. Our products are proven to be highly efficient and are cost effective. These are powerful devices that will not fail every of its users. They are also easy to manipulate for your own convenience.

One of our products is the Motor Controller. Our Motor Controller is a powerful device and only designed at its best. It has great features. It can adapt to different complex functions. We have the DMX: USB/RS-485/Ethernet/CANOpen Motion Controller, ACE: USB/RS-485 Motion Controller and PMX: USB/RS-485/Ethernet Motion Controller.

The Stepper Motor Driver is also available. The device is an Advanced Single Axis Microstep Driver. It has got configurable software. It also has Opto-isolated driver enable input and Opto-isolated over-temperature alarm output. You can also purchase the USB Motion Controller named as PMX-4EX-SA from here. It is an advanced 4-axis controller with USB 2.0 and RS-485 communication. To give you an overview, this USB Motion Controller has a speed change and continuous linear coordinated buffered XYZ move. Moreover, it has a pulse rate output at 6M maximum.

An Integrated Stepper Motor is also best buy from us. This device has a combined motor, driver, controller and encoder all packed in one. Other of our creations that you need are the Multi-axis Stepper Controller, Stepper Motion Control, Stepper Motor Controller, Stepper controller, Ethernet Stepper Controller and Closed-loop motion control. For more specifications of their features, just type at our search toolbar and you can readily have an access on all of their features that you will surely love. Our website includes videos for you to watch so that you can learn easily on how to use our products. In addition to that, we have also provided a downloadable product catalog.

Our products advertised at our website are incorporated with a downloadable manual and software. We have also included an online documentation. For more information or questions, just contact us and we will answer all your queries.

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