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Helpful Writing Tips?

Anyone have any helpful writing tips when writing anything, really? Just what are ways to make writing effective, descriptive, powerful, etc....Or just any helpful writing tips at all anyone can offer? Thanks so much...!


Basically, when writing ANYTHING:

1. Be CLEAR.
George Orwell said: "Writing should be as clear as a window-pane". Do not think you'll sustain your reader's attention if you try to be fancy with too many, or big words. Be simple. Avoid wordindess. Say what you mean, and say it in your own voice.

2. Write using varied sentences
Writing is most engaging when the ideas flow in interesting, varied sentences. For example, don't write one long sentence after another; mix it up by adding shorter ones.

3. Avoid passive voice.
If you want to bore your reader by writing like a textbook, then fine. Write using passive voice. If, however, you want to entertain your readers and keep them engaged, use the active voice. Passive voice makes for completely non-dynamic writing.

Example of passive voice: I was thrown across the room by Jack.

Example of active voice: Jack threw me across the room.

Have Jack DO it.

4. Avoid cliches.
Avoid using phrases that have been used thousands of times before.

Ie., I was "tickles pink" when Jack asked me out.
Or: That story really "rang true" to me.

Get creative and come up with your own phrasing.

5. Incorporate imagery using figurative language
Metaphors and similes really help to clarify a point you're trying to make. Further to this effect, descriptive language will really help to enliven a work.

Ie., "Crunch" is a word that appeals to my senses: I can HEAR it.

6. EDIT!!!
EVERY good writer edits his or her work. NO ONE writes a masterpiece on their first draft. You have to write, put it away, come back to it, then put it away again. You must read an reread and make necessary changes as you see fit. Writing just keeps getting better with every draft.

Above all, write about the things that move you. If you have an idea in your head, or an observation you've made, write about it. If you're passionate about what you've written, it'll be interesting.

And keep writing. Your first few attempts may be crap, but if you keep at it, you'll improve.

Good luck

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