Oil Pump

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Does the oil pump make pressure for the engine?

What is the main purpose of an internal combustion engines oil pump? Is it to build oil pressure in the engine?
To clear it up a little, but it looks like most understood what I was asking. I wanted to know if the pump itself determined the engine oil pressure ( the oil pressure you see on the gauge) or is it just for oil distribution (its a pump so it will build its own pressure).

the oil pump has springs that has different ratings to determine the oil presure in the pump,the springs range from 35 psi to 60 psi. of oil presure,and this is measured at 2,000 rpms,idel psi is around 15-20 psi.the oil pump lubricates the internal bearings ,which include the crank shaft,connecting rods,piston rings,cam bearings,lifters,and the top of the valve stems,if a bearings is starting to wear out you could lose oil presure from the increased bearing clearence on the bearings,most bearing clearences are .0015-.002 thousandths of an inch,and an internal combustion engine does build up internal presure because it is totally sealed,which means when it is running the vacum created will build up to where it could blow the gaskets out of the engine,this is why you have vacum lines on the engine the most vacum comes from the intake which is called direct vacum..and also the egr valve and pvc valve help release some of the engines vacum so the engine can breath if the engine cant breath it will sooner or later lock up which is known as a vacum lock up..

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