Pacific Morning

What are the archetypes in Pacific Morning by Jonathan Young?

I need to know three archetypes found in this poem.

Pacific Morning
by Jonathan Young

A coffee mug
with muted shades
of rose and mauve
holds the rich hope of beauty
as I press it to my chest
in the early light.

I look across the sea
into fog that hides China
and visit once-familiar cities
with comforting thoughts
in a mist of memory.

There is a place
in the heart
where a life is held
and everything desired
is freely given.

There is a moment
in some days
when all is soft and still
when time is a lover
and whatever is yet to come
will be kind.

Coffee mug
Place in my heart
THE EARTH MOTHER. Symbolic of fruition, abundance, and fertility; this character offers spiritual and emotional nourishment to those with whom she comes in contact (e.g. Mother Nature, Mother Country, alma mater, Mary in "How Beautiful with Shoes," Phoenix in "A Worn Path," mother in "The Creature."


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