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Wii motion plus sports resort 15in1 sports pack for Nintendo wii game.

Sports Pack
is compatible with Wii sports.Players can take satisfaction in the fixtures with exclusive hand feels and excitment. The look after simulation and hollow-out desing allows"WII movement Plus"installation.Put wii movement as well as in to the bottom of wii handle,and employed using the look after even although in the sports activities set,then all hand movement even only a tiny twist belonging toward wrist will probably be captured and completely reflected near to the screen.Players can knowing the genuine enjoyment belonging toward sports activities games.

This sport suit and WII movement resort hook, players would enjoy the unique handle and exciting game. Simulation handles and hollow design allows the use of WII acceleration sensors. The WII acceleration sensors on the bottom of the WII handle, then take the handle on movement base, then all hand motions, even a small wrist torsional will be capture and fully reflect on the screen. Players will be able to experience the real fun sports game.

Item pic:

What Included:


2.Table Tennis BAt*2



5.Golf Driver*1



8.HandController Sling*2

9.Controller Color Paste*2

10.Controller handle Grip*2

Wii Sports pack include do many use
wii accessories
which makes for an ideal pack-in with Nintendo's new console, providing some fun, simple gameplay that's accessible to almost anyone.In this group,you will find many useful accessories to cooperate your playing to assure you can enjoy your game better.

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