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i am 28years female. done BA, Bed ,PGDCA Iwant my cerrier in aviation industry so kindly help me that can i become a pilot?

It requires money, hard work, some luck, some insanity, and some masochism.

You will spend a lot of money racking up hours and getting type-ratings to get a job as a pilot in the commercial airlines. A flight school that will take you from ab initio (no hours) to where you need to be to get a job as a commercial pilot will cost about $50,000 for a year and a half. This will get you a job where you will probably make less money than you would as a waitress and you will have a crappy schedule. That's the masochism part.

Racking up hours and type ratings is the hard work part and the money part. You can do this at a flight school, on your own (with an instructor), or at an aviation centered college (such as Embry-Riddel if your in the states). Lots of pilots to be work as flight instructors to defray the cost of their flying time.

The luck part is the entire aviation industry. My dad (a career pilot) is fond of saying 'It's a great job, but a lousy career.' Airlines are not treating their pilots with the respect they deserve. Things are in a state of flux right now.

The insanity part? Well, all dreams are insane. The voice of reason will most likely not lead you to pick airline captain as a career aspiration. But boy is flying fun. Getting paid for it? Double fun.

So sign up for flying lessons at your local FBO (flight base of operations) and start getting your private pilot's license. Keep upgrading to bigger and more powerful (and more expensive) aircraft. Be VERY CAREFUL if you decide to go to a flight school. A great many of them are not reputable. A flight college (like Embry Riddle) is more long-standing and has a better reputation (they will also be able to point you to other careers in the aviation field as well if you like).

Hope this helps, and good luck

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