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Can an fj80 Land Cruiser tow a Starcraft 10rt popup camper?

I have the landcruiser, and I want to buy the camper to go camping, so I'm just making sure if it tows it. Thanks bro.

The 80 series cruisers are pretty good tow rigs. If you have a '91 or '92, it's rated at 3500lb tow but people have towed much more with them.

If you have a '93-'97, it's technically an FZJ80 and it's rated for a 5000lb trailer.

The dry weight on the 10rt is 1800 lbs and it maxes at 2540. That is well within the towing ability of either the FJ80 or FZJ80. The FZJ has a higher-torque engine and can get the load moving more easily and do better on hills.

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