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Trying to plan a 4-5 day vacation?

My boyfriend and i really want to take a vacation this year. We have two problems right now. One will be me getting time off of work. i have to put in at least a month ahead of time and I only get 12 hours of pto (paid time off) which for me at part-time equals out to be about 3day and i get 3 days off a week.
the other "problem" we may run into is that we have a 15month old son. We aren't sure right now if we're going to take him along or leave him with a family member and just go the two of us. I guess what i was wondering is what are some toddler friendly vacations we could go on? or if we don't take him with we're thinking somewhere tropical so when would be the best time of the year to do something like that both cost wise and weather wise? (don't want to be goin down during hurricane season! lol)

I have taken toddlers on many a vacations. Sometimes it is just camping where we have a beach on some tourist spots to visit. We have gone and stayed in a families cabin and taken day trips to different tourist spots. I live in MI so I have taken my little children to Mackinaw City and Island, different Falls in the UP, Oswald Bear Park, a small zoo on US 2, beaches all over up there, Cross Road Village, museum exhibits they could touch in Grand Rapids, Flint, Midland. You just have to make sure you go places that they can run and touch and will have things that could be interesting to them.

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