Royal Gorge

What are some family hiking trails in Colorado?

The only one that I know and been to is Hanging Lake. It's family friendly, well maintained and not to mention the great view with a waterfall. I was wondering if there was anywhere else like that in Colorado? There doesn't have to be a waterfall at the top, but some nice family trail thats maintained would be nice.

= There are lots of them! I live in Canon City, about 45 minutes away from the Springs, so I go there all of the time!

Here is a list of some really neat places that I would recommend in Colorado Springs:
-Garden of the Gods
-Seven Falls
-Cave of the Winds
-Both of the malls there are great
-Pikes Peak (by railway is more fun)

And in Canon City:
-Royal Gorge
-Rafting in Canon is amazing! I love it!
-Buffalo Bill's

Hope this helps you! And I would also suggest that you explore a bit around. There is so much to do in Colorado!

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