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The Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron is One of the Best Flat Irons on the Market

The Solia flat iron show the Dynamic Alignment System to prove a perfect connection between the users hair and the ceramic plates. It gives a steady amount of heat for very straight hair that is also silky smooth. The ceramic/tourmaline ion material will deliver a good amount of infrared heat and also an extra amount of negative ions to produce flawless frizz-free hair that shows no heat damage.

The Solia flat iron has plates that are made of ceramic and can be adjusted to give a smooth touch between the plates and the hair. This perfect contact will ensure that there are no hot spots that can be damaging to the hair. This will result in the iron spreading out the distribution of the heat so the hair will always have that silky look and is consistently straight. All this is done with much less time than a regular flat iron.

The configuration system is full of energy and very distinctive. This system will work as an equalizer for stress and will keep the pressure steady on the plates during the hair flattening process. This gets rid of any unusual pressure points that the plates can possibly give. This causes the iron to work through the hair smoothly without pulling.

The Solia flat iron is an excellent tool for hair straightening not only because it can flatten and straighten very out of control hair, but it also adds shine and a texture that is silky and smooth. The whole time it will maintain the natural health of the hair to guarantee that the hair will be stay beautiful.

Tourmaline is known as a semiprecious stone. It is this material that helps fire up 6 times more negative ions when building up the heat over standard ceramic irons. This extra boost of negative ions with the added bonus of a slight far-infrared heat ensures hair will be without frizz, smooth and straight.

The floating plates of the Solia flat iron are 7/8" wide and are made with tourmaline that has been crushed and infused within the plates. This helps spread its ionic strength throughout the iron to blend molecules full of moisture into the hair. These small molecules are rich with vitamins and mineral and is easily absorbed into the hair. With the use of Black Tourmaline Technology, the process is sped up to increase ionic properties of the tourmaline ceramic plates which helps hair to be styled quickly and with minimal hair damage. When fully heated, the black tourmaline can not only sterilize the hair, but also detoxify the hair. This assists in the break down of bacteria which give the user healthy hair and also more manageable hair.

Most women can't live without their Solia ceramic hair straighteners because they are such a unique beauty tool that is effective and powerful. Whether it's the Dynamic Alignment System which gives a flawless contact between the ceramic plates and the hair or the maintaining of a steady temperature at all times. The iron protects hair color and minimizes fading. The ceramic heat will make sure that the moisture molecules will be infused in the hair and also the iron products the negative ions which will help seal the hair and protect it. 

Other features that make the Solia flat iron an amazing product is that is is created to wor with both dry and damp hair. There is a adjustable temperature control (140°F - 450°F). With all these features and the solid good standing name of the Solia brand, there's no mystery in why this is one of the best hair straighteners on the market.

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Emilio Boy is a writer who review products like beauty and haircare products. You can check out his latest reviews at Solia Ceramic Flat Iron , where he gives unbiased reviews and buying advice for a range of hair care products, including the Solia Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer , Solia Ceramic Flat Iron, Solia Pink Limited Edition Flat Iron, and more!

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