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Digiscale Offers Special Introductory Pricing On Its Newest Digital Food Scale

Digiscale Offers Special Introductory Pricing On Its Newest Digital Food ScaleMay 20, 2013 - Duluth, GA -- SYATT International Inc. makers of the Digiscale brand of kitchen scale products has just announced a special introductory offer for new customers that are interested in the new compact and modern digital kitchen scale to be released next month (June, 2013) on Amazon. The company's first marketing campaign is targeted towards weight watcher enthusiasts who weigh food grams and online retailers who use small digital scales to weigh items and packages for postage. The new Early Bird promotion will include a limited time discount offer and special bonus gift to all customers who register on the company's website.

The company has created a special "early bird" sign-up page where anyone can register their email address to be instantly notified when the much anticipated digital food scale will be made available on Amazon. According to SYATT International's President Paul Woodley the move to create an early bird list is to both jump start sales on Amazon as well as reward customers for their patience and due diligence.

The Digiscale is a compact, modern, digital kitchen food scale that can weigh food and items up to 11lbs. The digital food scale has all the features one could hope for in a digital scale such as a tare function, multi-type readings that can read ounces, grams, milliliters, and pounds. The digital scale is no larger than many popular tablet computers and even looks like one with its black tempered glass frame. The Digiscale is designed for the modern kitchen as it is small enough to not take up a lot of room yet big enough to perform all the essential functions one would need to accomplish in weighing food, items, or packages.

About Syatt International Inc.

Syatt International Inc.produces and markets the Digiscale for weight watchers, cooks, and home enthusiasts everywhere.

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