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Estudiantes 1-1 Puebla: Is there still HOPE for Estudiantes?

Would you be surprised if they save themselves in the last jornada?

You know like Indios did back in 2009. I remember Indios beat Chivas in the last jornada to save themselves. And they managed to qualify to la liguilla that season.
@ d07, but EVERYONE thought Indios were going to relegate that season.
@ esqueda, shut up.

I want Atlas to stay i know they can improve and have a better squad than tecos. Hopefully Atlas win tommorow because Monterrey is already qualify to the liguilla. Indios is a different story they were doing well in 2009 last jornadas and saved themselves while Necaxa left. and like i said they surprise with.
Well it was either between Necaxa and Indios and in the end Indios got better and saved themselves.They deserved it they were playing better than Necaxa.

here do the points.. If Atlas win tommorow. Tecos is pretty much screwed... Atlas can lose there next games and even if Tecos wins next few games thats not going to be enough. Atlas saves themselves by one point..

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