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Can I use spray paint to paint a headboard?

I have a headboard that we found at goodwill. I want to paint it but not spend a ton of money. Can I use spray paint and if so which brand is a good brand?

Yes, you can use spray paint, but follow these guidelines:

1. As with any paint, you get what you pay for. Buy the best you can afford.

2. Either lightly sand the headboard and then clean it real well, OR clean it then put a coat of Kilz (white primer, available in spray also). The primer will help the paint stick and not peel off - especially if the headboard has any varnish or laquer finish.

3. When using spray paint, always lay the item flat and apply several very thin coats. The first coat will not even cover the whole item. Let them dry completely before turning and painting another side or applying another coat.

Spray painting can take several cans, it might be cheaper to buy a 1/2 gal. of really good paint. If you buy a can of paint you can get exactly the color you want and won't have to settle for what is available in spray paint. Again, buy the most expensive you can afford, and either sand or prime before painting for best results.

Have fun!

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