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Is stephanie meyers releasing a new book after Breaking Dawn besides the Midnight Sun book?

My friend read an article in an hawaiian newspaper thats she is relasing another book but my friend couldnt remember the details of the article (if it was about Midnight Sun or a completely new edition to the saga) and I cant find the article online.

If anyones know anything please let me know.

No, it was most likely about Midnight Sun as of I'm sure there would be a million twilightfreaks online dishing about it, *laughs*. Meyer said that the saga was officially over, but personally I think she ended the series terribly and at the worst time possible. In Breaking Dawn there was no fight, no simple concluding ending to the series, and even hinted that the Volturi would attack again without hope of a 5th saga edition. If she had just even released one more book (not including Midnight Sun), now that the movie is out, she'd most likely make millions more. (Sorry don't know if you wanted my opinion there).

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