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Are you allowed to wear a religious pendant in basic training?

Each service has a regulation regarding wear and appearance of the military uniform. In the Army that regulation is AR 670-1. A pendant would not be allowed to be placed onto your uniform. However, you can wear a necklace or other jewelry that is not visible. I myself wear a St. Christopher's medallion. It brings me luck. Most of the guys I work with wear some sort of jewelry.

The only time that you would be precluded from wearing such medallions would be if it was restricted through the course of your job description. I work in Army Aviation and remove all jewelry (rings, watches and necklaces) before working on or around aircraft. This is to avoid foreign object damage and personal injury.

The following is an excerpt from the regulation:

No jewelry, other than that described in paragraph 1–14a, above, will appear exposed while wearing the uniform; this includes watch chains, or similar items, and pens and pencils. The only authorized exceptions are religious items described in para 1–7b, above; a conservative tie tack or tie clasp that male soldiers may wear with the black four-inhand necktie; and a pen or pencil that may appear exposed on the hospital duty, food service, CVC, or flight uniforms.

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