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What thickness wetsuit for diving in the UK in August......?

I've only ever been scuba diving in lovely warm foreign waters, but am hoping to take a trip from the Isle of Wight in August. I have a 7.5mm Pinnacle Elite wetsuit which I normally use, but what would you guys recommend for the UK that time of year?


Hi J A,
I use a Mares Isotherm semi-dry which is 5.5mm, almost all year round. It depends upon your tolerance to the cold though.
Technology & new materials have helped make todays kit much better than that of even a few years ago.
I would say that you will be very comfortabe in your current kit, so go for it. But if you`re still uncertain you could always buy an insulating undershirt for about £20 - £30.
I use my Dry-suit from November to May / june, but much prefer the freedom a semi-dry gives me.

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