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salt lake city vacation in july?

I'm heading to Salt Lake City in July of this year for a vacation with my best friend. We have never been there and we want to know what attractions there are, if there are parades or festivals or if we can go snowboarding during this month. We really have no limit on money so any ideas are welcome! We already know about temple square though, we plan to spend a lot of time there but does anybody have details on what exactly we can do there besides see the temple at night? Thanks so much :)

Though I'm not originally from Utah, I live in the Salt Lake City area now. The SLC downtown was renovated with a new outdoor mall...City Creek Center...which you and your best friend will really like to go to. And another outdoor mall...The just a little further way. There's a free downtown TRAX (light rail system) and bus system which you can take (though they want to change the free part downtown, but that may take awhile before they do it).

Though I am not Mormon, 2/3rd's of the state of Utah are that religion. And on July 24th, it is a state holiday called Pioneer Day. Sometime in the mid 1800's the Mormons moved into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th. That's why that is chosen for Pioneer Day. There is a big parade in downtown SLC on that day. There are various Mormon sites within the town area that you can explore by walking the streets.

As far as snowboarding in July, I'm not sure about that. Though there are a lot of hiking areas in Utah. Right now we are experiencing very hot weather. This past week has been in the upper 90's and close to 100 degrees. The weather here can fluctuate but mostly it'll be in the 80's or 90's in July. Have a safe and fun trip.

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