Tunnel Motor

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Alco locomotives: the origins of 'Tunnel Motors'?

Looking at the design of the SD40-2 & SD45-2's made for the SP with the design called "Tunnel Motors", it seems that Alco nailed this long before with their 'Century' series locomotives.

Whadya think about this?
After a bit more study, it seems both GE & Alco had the air intakes for radiators set up similarly.

Are they naturally 'tunnel motors' by design?
GP15's were built between 1976 and 1982.
That's not necessarily 'way back'!
The SD40T-2's were built between April 1974 and July 1980.

I'm really not sure about the Alco.The EMD's were primarily bought by the SP(most of them),Cotton Belt and the DRGW for use in tunnels.The term tunnel motors in their case was due to the placement of the radiator intakes being moved to help supply the radiators with fresh cool air.The Alcos were pretty much gone when i hired out so i don't know what the tunnel design means in their case.I got curious and looked and i guess your right as production of the Alco started before the EMD's

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