War Standard

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Why do people say China will invade the world?

Why? It's not true! I mean ecenomically they might can, but militarily, NO WAY!!! Man power is nothing compared to today's war standards. Just because they have the largest military personal DOES NOT mean that they are the strongest country on Earth. The U.S. is and second is RUSSIA. Russia can easily beat China up without using up their manpower!

It says Russia is stronger than China!
@ZoeiFun: That's why I said ecenomically they probably can, but in military, NO!
@ChadCraig: Well that is because Germany did not have any nuclear weapons at that time. One nuclear bomb can take out many lives

Actually man power usually beats technology, look at Russia in WW2 they used there numbers to beat the German invasion expesially in Stalingrad.

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