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Asia-Pacific consumers are optimistic about online shopping

According to Latest monitoring survey of Visa e-commerce consumers, uncertain economic situation in the Asia-Pacific region does not inhibit the consumers’ enthusiasm of online shopping. Almost 82% of Internet users in the Asia-Pacific region said that, in the next 6 months, they may conduct online shopping.     61% online shoppers of Asia-Pacific region are satisfied with the current level of online payment security. Visa head of Asia-Pacific e-commerce analyze that, till 2012, online sales in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to more than 71 billion U.S. dollars.     There are a large number of consumers confident with online shopping, but there still lots of security risk. And the most concerned risk is online payment.   Respondents consider there are many problems about online payments such as retailers misuse payment card information or disclosure consumers’ personal information, leak out their payment card number as well as hackers illegally invade retailers’ database.   Moreover, nearly half of respondents believe that the best way to enhance consumer confidence in e-commerce is that bank guarantees the security of online transactions; payment card companies ensure the security of transactions and the website also should announce the security payment they have taken measures.   Although there are a few uncertainties of online payment, there are still a great many online shoppers choose to shop online, obviously, which is inspiring news for the e-commerce retailers. It means that except for their existing customers, they actually have a number of potential buyers.   Basing on the national marketing, facing the international e-commerce, ( ) always walks in front of peers. Though concentrates on European and American regions, it never refuses to do business with neighbors.   So, hearing this exciting news, there is no doubt that it is a good commerce opportunity for Certainly, will take the uncertain security risk mentioned by consumers into consideration. think, in fact, there a lot of would be buyers who are worrying about these dangerous factors which make them unwilling to take their first step of trying online shopping. ( ) will try its best to improve those insecurities and enhance its reputation on online payment. By doing this, can pick up the confidence of these potential consumers. Finally, can win greater market and make more profits.

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